Simple truth

by Nicky

:: simple truth ::
The problem with getting attached to someone,
when they leave you, you just feel lost.

[After accidentally change to new blogging homepage and found myself struggling with using new one for ages. Now I little by little know how to basic function but still very vague and still don’t know how to retrive loads of my photos from myspace…
Actually, i’d like to blog since last year but never mind then.]

Here is what I want to blog….

My boss have to return to his country due to business term completed.
I’ve been working for almost 10 years  with several companies and some bosses before. Work with him for 2 years, this guy I can truly say that he is the best boss ever!

First time we’ve met, frankly, he look way too far from ideal boss in any management books ever written. (sorry boss, it’s just my point of view. And you know, something it’s more than meet the eyes, right. Again, sometime first impression leading to fault impression, desu ka? ;))

No pattern, no rules, no charisma- even that- I’ve a feeling of respectful to him. Moreover, he is the one I look up to – my role model.

Knowing him, I can see only “Different!”
Both professional way and personal way. Impressive really.

However, all good things must come to an end.

Just noted to remind myself that in my ordinary life time,  at least I’ve a moment to close with someone who make my spot of life so blessing.

Dear boss,
I couldn’t thank you enough for everything.
Like I said before…. To me, you are perfect!
Wishing you have a happy family life there with you lovely wife and (future) adorable talent children. I really do miss you!
….You may not see my tear when we say goodbye.
I do cry like a river afterward. Sorry I’m sort of suffering alone…