Month: January, 2009

The Butterfly Effect.

It has been said that something as small as flutter of a butterfly’s wing
can ultimately cause a typhoon halfway around the world.
-Chaos Theory-
I always have two concepts in my life, at least until now ;
‘The little things we do are linked to the fate of the world we live in’
     : One man can change the whole. One man can make the different.
     : Every time your decision have made
       will more or less effect to the others, bull-whip effect.
       Don’t be carelessness.
And two
‘The future isn’t set in stone’
     : Do I believe in destiny? Absolutely, I DO.
       However, for me, Destiny is what we make it.
     : There are millions path waiting for us in the future,
       we can’t see yet, depends on what we’ve done right now.
The question is,
If you be able to turn back time and change what you have done in the past
that you might think it is the cause of your remorseful life for today.
Would you do so?
"Sliding Door"   is my in heart movie. It’s just match to my concept, coincidently.
I’ve usually believe that at any turning point of our decision or event/fate
will lead us to totally different scenario.
Like it did in movie.
Good thing for being a movie is we can see through of both parallel.
In reality, we are next to impossible for knowing, or even guessing
what it be like in the another way that we haven’t take.
"The Butterfly Efect"   is also my favorite one. It does crystallize my concept.
I like this name ‘Butterfly Effect’ ,
it’s quite summary in overall and sound to be holistic thinking.
It’s not like you go back for correcting one tiny thing
and expect everything will be the same.
Unlike spread liquid-paper on an alphabet you want to amend
after rewrite it and the following sentence still the same, orderly.
No, no, no, they not going to be the same, not even close.
The whole thing will change.
If you could restart again. not only your life would change
but people who related to you would have different pattern in their life as well.
Let alone everyone could have kind of turning back time talent like you do.
Such a Chaotic!
Back to the above question ;
Beauty queens are stereotyped answers on this question;
"No, I wouldn’t. I’m so happy whatever that make me be myself today."
’cause she relize at any rate, it’s not gonna happen a thousand percent sure.
Anyway, good for her, she just got a plus score from this attitude.
Definitely, I do accept this phenomenal offer with a condition.
Only if I could compare the result in advance!
Sound greedy, rite? Yeah.
Naw, I’m kidding.
Actually, I’m not the kind of person who whine myself over the undone thing.
Just sometime it’s flash across my mind,
I wonder what it might be like if I do another way.
Train of thought, imagine myself in the unselect one.
(mostly in possitive imagination, i had to admit)
Don’t you ever?
Really, tell me what do you reckon?
Have you ever think about? …

Nearly-dead experience.

I’d never given much thought to how I would die.
Let alone reckless or stupid die…
While i was about cross the road back from lunch to my office.
Cars seem far enough that I could make to the other side, if  I be quick.
After couple steps I’ve made, I feel something drop from me.
I can’t figure out at that moment what it is.
Without second thought I was immediately touch my ears
to found that the left pendant earring was missing.
That must be the thing I felt it was drop on the road.
All of sudden, I just make my walk stop, turn around without moving
try to make a quick glance search for that thing.
That it was on the road!
I’ve bent myself to pick it up, Gosh!! I can heard engine break sound!.
Possibly that all room in hell were occupied,
or my god damn gaurdian-angel just done her job.
When I stand up I’ve relized that I was the cause of three lane paused.
Plus other cars behind them as well. It’s just right next to me! just inches
Close enough to see all those irritate-driver-face, of course.
All happen just in the blink of an eyes.
All I can do just awkwardly smile and mouthed ‘sorry’.
Walk quickly as possible as I could to my friends.
They dart me with a curious look ‘what the hell r u doing?’
I can tell even they didn’t make any word.
That’s all.
I’ve just almost trade my life with
heart shaped with 4-letter inside ‘LOVE’ pendant earring.
Is this ‘LOVE’ i’d die for?, haha pretty funny.
The more you know how easy life could end,
the more you relize how important to seize the day.
Really, if I could manage how I would die.
Surely it was a good way to die, in the place of someone else,
someone I loved. Noble, even.
That ought to count for something.
Take care.