29th OF ME!

by Nicky

Here I was : a 29-year-old single woman with no financial stability,
but many life experiences behind me. Did that mean nothing?
Today I just relize something.
Something tt always happen
but i dunno why it’s just hit me on 29th bd. 
Something that will change my attitude for good.
While i was dinner with my friends
[some of ’em not even know today is my bd 😉
but that’s not the point]
At the same time…..
Some waiting me home, like my family.
Some drop by and brough me a gift, like my aunt & uncle
Some keep calling to wish me happy b4 they go to bed, grandpa-ma.
Some ring me home bcoz they don’t hv my mp.no. after i back here.
Some send me piles of e-meails gave me loads of comments.
Some of friends abroad left me note on MSN. 
…. i wasn’t there.
Actually, i dun feel today is kindda speacial
bcoz as 29th nothing left to be exciting, rite?
But when these things happen
I just pop up idea tt i shouldn’t’ve take this for grant.
Their good intentions cn’t be take for free.
Why they hv to wait one minute past midnite to text me bd.
Why they hv to ring me on bloody busy friday or fabulose friday nite.
Why they drive from the other side only just for drop sth.
Why they hv to buy sth. for me.
Sth. that represent both of us, give and take.
It’s not only about ‘buy’ stuffs,
but it’s about how they choose and time to think about this thing.
The way they put the wishing words in the card.
That’s so adorable, isn’t it?
Not bcoz my bd, they have to do this.
But bcoz they so kind and care enough to do this!!!
Turn just a birthday to be a very happy birthday, more than i could ask for.
For the records, these day i relize to value e’ry good things in my life.
I shudda wudda cudda take every single minute w/ these lovely guys!
Better late than never.
I hv experienced for spending more than a month
looking for stuffs to someone n my friends.
Some of ’em not even pretent to mind.
Imagine, how would I feel?
That’s one.
I’ve been told once tt…
"Nicky, i do care/love u and u never appreciate it
when u do really care/ love someone and they don’t appreciate it
U’ll know!"
Yep. Now i know.
That’s two.
2 enough for all.
Being more adult not an excuse to less childish.
Still can cherish about every wee things
make them to be yr tiny big memory!
The more you live, the more you learn.
I just make "Shoes reversal" up to be my motto.
Always put someone mind in yr heart, they will put yr in ’em as well.
Tks for being 29th that fulfill me, indeed.